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Roof Repair Specialists in Canyon Lake, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Roof damage comes in many forms. From a few missing shingles to extensive storm damage, you can count on the experts at Steadfast Roofing to provide effective roof repair services. We can identify and repair roof leaks, spot minor damage and repair it before it worsens, and ensure that your roof does what it’s supposed to! We are a trusted, local roof repair company that has decades of experience working on residential and commercial roofs of all types and materials. We’ll never offer to replace your roof if it can be fixed with simple repairs. Our teams serve homes and businesses in New Braunfels and Canyon Lake, TX as well as the surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation!

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Stop Water Damage Before It’s Too Late; Utilize Our Affordable Roof Leak Repair Services

The damage that leads to a roof leak can be unnoticeable to the average homeowner. A small puncture, missing or warped shingles, or compromised flashing around the chimney or skylights can allow moisture into the lower layers of your roof. Once water makes its way in, it can be extremely destructive and cause expensive structural damage as well as mold growth. If you have a roof leak, contact us immediately to get a cost-effective and permanent repair solution. If you have recently experienced a bad storm or you are noticing signs of damage on your roof, let us inspect it to ensure it is free of potential leaks!

We Are an Honest, Local Roof Repair Company With Decades of Experience

Don’t wait for a leak to spring to give your roof the attention it needs; affordable and effective roof repairs are just a call away with Steadfast Roofing! Get in touch with us now to schedule your free consultation and find out how we can help you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Gary Shelton Avatar
Gary Shelton
1/09/2020 - Facebook
Steadfast Roofing is quality and dependability at its finest when it comes to your homes roofing needs. Give them a... read more
Joslyn Annette Gomez Avatar
Joslyn Annette Gomez
8/30/2019 - Facebook
Brian and his crew are wonderful, and did an incredible job. I highly recommend them
Monique Price Avatar
Monique Price
6/24/2019 - Facebook
Steadfast is a great company, The crew is very respectful and professional. I would recommend them to everyone that needs... read more
Petra D'Agostino Avatar
Petra D'Agostino
2/07/2019 - Facebook
Our experience with Green Form was excellent. I would recommend and use them again.
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